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Improve your fishing with our great selection of baits. We cover all of your needs, whether you’re a tournament angler or a Grandpa taking his grandchild fishing. Big Bass Candy is designed to throw colors that attract and help you catch more fish! Enjoy our exceptional shopping experience and contact us with questions or comments.


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We offer many different baits and different colors. While the bait is important, we know that the colors that the bait throws in the sunlight and shade will make the biggest difference. Shop now to find the perfect colors for you!

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For questions regarding colors or bait, get in touch! We are happy to answer any inquiries you have or give you more information.

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Big Bass Candy, a family business, has been working on our products for 15 years in order to help tournament anglers as well as Grandpa taking his grandchild fishing. Our goal is to help you catch more fish at any level. While we believe the bait is important, Big Bass Candy knows that the color and the way the bait is made makes all the difference.

Big Bass Candy allows each customer to choose a fast or slow fall rate. The way we control our fall rate helps to catch more fish in a shorter amount of time. We have over 50 options of colors. Each of our colors is hand-crafted on each and every bait at a fair price to give every angler the edge. We will always hand mix our colors whether the bait is hand-poured or injected.

Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. The team at Big Bass Candy knows that every product counts, and strives to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding and fun as possible. Check out our store and get in touch with questions or requests.



Black Red Flake

Standard rich color

Green Pumpkin Pepper

Dark rich color

Dark m/o Red

Standard rich color, darker tint

Pumpkin Pepper

Standard Pumpkin

Green Pumpkin Orange

Dark green pumpkin with orange flake

Black Blue Flake

Standard rich black with blue flake

Purple Blue Flake

Medium translucent purple with blue flake

Black Grape

Dark rich purple; throws a light grape color

Melon Red Flash

Soft melon; throws yellow. Red and pepper flake

Neon Green

Loud rich green

Chartreuse Flash

Loud yellow chartreuse

Black Sapphire

Rich black; throws a blue tint

Red Emerald Pepper

Gentle red; throws loud green

Pumpkinseed Green

Deep pumpkin; green tint

Cotton Candy Dark

Rich violet; throws deep purple

Pumpkinseed Flash

Rich pumpkin; throws a gold-bronze

Orange Gold

Light orange; throws gold

Green Beer

Rich, translucent root beer; throws a gentle green

Black Flash

Rich black; throws goldish tint

Black Grape Red

Dark, rich purple; throws a light grape tint with red flake

Cotton Candy

Soft translucent pink; throws a soft blue tint


Rich pinkish purple with red flake

Purple Gold

Pinkish purple with gold flake

Blue Gill

Semi translucent dark blue, glossy blue, and silver flake

Yellow Gill

Translucent yellow, moss, silver flake

Green Gill

Rich melon color with moss and orange flake


Translucent yellow, blue and silver flake


Rich black, throws purple tint

Florida Flash

Pink turned into red gill

Blue Chocolate Pumpkin

Dark chocolate, throws a blue tint with blue flake

Green Pumpkin Magic

Dark green pumpkin, gold, silver, pepper

Watermelon Red

Rich translucent melon with black and red flake

Motor Oil Red Light

Nice light m/o with green chartreuse with red and black 

Ghost Pearlsicle

Translucent pearsilver flake

Clear Ghost

Clear in color with silver flake

Ghost Pearl

Translucent white with silver flake

Watermelon Candy

Standard rich melon with purple and green

Green Pumpkin Red

Rich green pumpkin with red and black flake

PJ Magic

Rich m/o color with green, purple, black flake

Black Champagne

Translucent black with gold, silver, and a hint of orange

Green Pumpkin Blue

Rich green pumpkin with blue flake

Cotton Candy Red

Light Cotton Candy

Black Blue Flake


The Arnold

Dark green pumpkin contrasted with bright loud orange

Tanner Blend

Dark green pumpkin complemented by gentle green chartreuse color

Wyatt Blend

Dark chocolate, throws blue tint. Complemented by gentle green chartreuse color

Sandy Breme

Bright pumpkinseed color contrasted with gentle green chartreuse

Boo's Delight

Bleeding orange gold

The Grayson

Rich black; throws blue tint with rich vivid blue

Chadder Flash

Rich chocolate; throws blue complemented by melon flash

The Jaz

Translucent pink with iridescent glitter complemented by melon flash

Smoke Flash

Translucent black complemented by melon flash

Sassy T.

Dark pumpkin throws green tint; complemented by gentle green chartreuse

Autumn's Rainbow

Rainbow fill – No color – purple, green, orange, red, blue, and gold flake



Teagan's Two Step

A Pumpkin Seed Flash complimented by Chartruece Flash

The Addy

Rich Dark Green Pumpkin with a hint of Flash complimented by Chartruece Flash

The Blakester

Lite motor oil red/ complemented with bold red

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If you are looking to have a more eventful fishing experience, win more tournaments, or just catch more fish while you’re out for the weekend, shop Big Bass Candy. We have colors and bait for everyone!

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